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Dr. Root Lecture:
Sauna Detoxification of Lipophilic Toxins

Tripping Over The Truth Conference
Baltimore, November 5th, 2017

For over 35 years Dr. David Root, has effectively administered an unconventional detoxification protocol to more than 4,000 chemical exposure injuries around the world.

In a 2014 article by Dr. Joseph Mercola titled "Niacin, Exercise, and Sauna—A Simple and Effective Detox Program That Can Significantly Improve Your Health" Mercola states, "Dr. David Root has the most experience detoxifying the veterans with Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam. He used niacin (vitamin B3) as a way to mobilize fat and free up toxic chemicals locked in all lipophilic fatty tissues, i.e. the fat and in your brain."

Referencing a research paper co-authored by Dr. Root titled "Xenobiotic Reduction And Clinical Improvements In Capacitor Workers: A Feasible Method" Mercola writes in that same article, "In 1990...he collected fat samples from Yugoslavian capacitor workers exposed to toxic chemicals. Their fat contained 140 to 150 times higher levels of toxins than their blood. After the use of the detoxification program, the toxic chemicals decreased by 30 percent from the fat so there was residual toxic chemicals still in fat even though these workers felt better."

In her book, The Holistic Handbook of Sauna Therapy, Nenah Sylver, PhD, quotes Dr. Root from his statement before The Presidential Special Oversight Board For Department of Defense Investigations of Gulf War Chemical & Biological Incidents, "Since 1982, I have been using a detoxification program to treat patients who have been exposed to fat-soluble chemicals, either at work or from environmental sources. This program, developed by L. Ron Hubbard in 1978, has over the last 15 years been evaluated and used by a growing number of professionals throughout the world who have examined its use in relieving the after effects of chemical exposure and found it to be very effective. To my knowledge, there is no other peer-reviewed method for reducing the body burden of fat-soluble toxic chemicals. Papers documenting the efficacy of the Hubbard program have been published by such organizations as the World Health Organization, the Royal Swedish Academy of Science, the Society for Occupational and Environmental Health and others....The Hubbard detoxification program has long been upheld as compensable under state and national workman’s compensation laws."

Recorded on 11/5/2017 at the "Tripping Over The Truth Conference" in Baltimore, Maryland, Dr. Root provides a brief history of his experiences administering the sauna detox protocols and a scientific review of the only known, peer reviewed method for removing fat-soluble toxins.


To download the complete PowerPoint slide deck, click here.

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