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Is Big Pharma profiting from
fat-soluble toxins that keep us
obese, sick and dumbed down?

Daniel Root, the son of detoxification expert, David E. Root MD, is interviewed by Keith Johnson of The Courage Sower Show in this illuminating discussion on the adverse health effects from fat-soluble toxins that overwhelm the body and wind up in fat cells and other adipose tissues.

Dan reveals how we are being polluted and poisoned by both environmental and man-made toxins, the neurological diseases and cancers that trace back to these chemicals and heavy metals, weight loss issues, sleeplessness, fatigue and reduced cognitive brain function, and the corruption and conflicts of interest in the very regulatory and governing bodies that we entrust to protect us.

As a solution-oriented presentation, Dan discusses their proprietary Detoxination® Protocols and why it should be the foundation for any wellness program, how Dr. Root became the world renowned expert in human detoxification, and the opportunity for Personal Trainers, Naturopathic Doctors, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, and other Wellness/Fitness Experts to become Certified Detoxination® Specialists to augment their existing services!

Dan also introduces his soon-to-be-released book, Don’t Just Detox, Get Detoxinated!℠, that covers in greater detail the contents of this interview, case studies, how Detoxination® improves other detox methods, detox expectations and life-improving mindset, and the three facets of Detoxination®: Eliminate illness-causing toxins, Reduce toxin exposure, and Support your healthy body (E.R.S.).

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