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Welcome to Detoxination Wellness Centers!

We're dedicated to improving your quality of life by reducing your body burden of illness-causing, fat-stored toxins, and promoting non-toxic and organic lifestyle choices.

Our website contains valuable information and research on our unique Detoxination® Wellness Program, organic and chemical-free products to reduce your exposure to harmful toxins, and resources to help you understand the problem of fat-stored toxins in order to take control of your health and prevent diseases, chronic illnesses, and even cancers!

Why Do I need Detoxination?

The short answer is that toxins and poor nutrition are scientifically established to be the leading cause of most illnesses and diseases including cancer, so you need to remove toxins and eat more nutritious foods for "sustainable wellness".

Detoxination®, unlike detoxification, targets the type of toxins that juices, cleanses, chelation, and similar methods cannot: lipophilic, or fat-soluble, toxins. Most detox programs assist your body's natural elimination pathways, such as the liver, kidneys, and colon; however the lipophilic toxins, which have been locked up in fat — including your brain — to protect your organs, remain and bioaccumulate until you become sick, fatigued, obese and a Big Pharma profit center.

What Is Detoxination?

Perfected over 35 years by David E. Root, MD, MPH (Wikipedia), our Detoxination® Protocols specifically target these unhandled heavy metals and Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs), comprising pesticides, solvents, pharmaceuticals, and man-made chemicals, that can remain in your body for decades.

Detoxination® is a three-legged, holistic approach to wellness that incorporates sauna bathing, exercise, and proper nutrition. Sauna detoxification with niacin (Vitamin B3, nicotinic acid) is the only known effective method for mobilizing, via lipolysis, the fat-stored toxins we bioaccumulate, and has been proven both subjectively and scientifically.  A comprehensive wellness and fitness program must include removing lipophilic toxins from the body in order to truly attain sustainable wellness.

Who Needs Detoxination?

Literally, EVERYONE!

The toxic environment we live in, the air that we breathe, the food and water we consume, and the products we buy

(especially new clothing, flooring, furniture, cosmetics, fragrances, anti-perspirants, cleaning supplies, herbicides and pesticides) all contain varying amounts of toxic chemicals and/or heavy metals that our bodies are ill-equipped to handle.

Compounding this is the fluoride we are forced to bio-filter for the phosphate fertilizer, aluminum smelting, and nuclear industries as well as the Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) that are banned in most civilized nations, mercury in our dental fillings, and the mercury-laden thimerosal found in most multi-dose vaccines.

Even more controversial are Geoengineering programs by specially-equipped aerosol spraying airplanes, which pollute our air with nano-particles of aluminum, barium, and strontium that our bodies absorb through the skin and lungs as well as ingest with our food and water supplies.

Of the 85,000 different synthetic chemicals manufactured in the United States in 2014, less than 10 percent have been tested for human effects of exposures individually, and none have been tested in combination!

Is it any wonder then that Americans are the sickest, most obese citizens of this planet even though we are said to have the best medical system in the world?!

Wouldn't it be better to reduce your toxic body burden to avoid becoming another medical industry statistic?

How about couples considering pregnancy? High concentrations of pesticide residues are found in mothers' breast milk and fed to nursing babies. Chemicals and heavy metals pass through the placenta to fetuses leading to endocrine disruption, immune suppression, reproductive failure, and birth defects!

Are you considering a career advancement and want to improve your congnition and concentration or pass a drug test? According to Reuters Health, "Chemicals found in plastic bottles, flame retardants, metal food cans, detergents, cosmetics and pesticides cost the U.S. more than $340 billion a year in health costs and lost earnings, a new study estimates." The same article states, "This chemical blend, polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs), is responsible for about 43,000 cases of intellectual disability in the U.S. each year, compared with 3,290 cases in Europe, the researchers estimate.

PBDEs are also tied to the loss of 11 million IQ points each year in the U.S., compared with 873,000 lost IQ points in Europe."

For more information and to learn who cannot do the program, see our FAQs page.

What Are the Benefits of Detoxination?

These are just a few of the amazing benefits our clients have reported:

• Feel Better, Renewed • Optimal Health
• Greater Energy • Improved Cognition and IQ
• More Restful Sleep • Increased Weight Loss*
• Reduced Aches and Pains • Prepregnancy Peace of Mind
• Better Skin and Body Scent • Higher Nutrient Absorption
• Happier Attitude • Enhanced Physique, Stamina
*Any weight loss is a function of the combination of lifestyle and nutrition choices, the reduction in toxins from fat and adipose tissues, and cardio exercise during the protocol. Weight loss is not a goal of our Detoxination® program.

Dr. David E. Root interviewed for Narconon in 2001:


Since 1982, as a medical procedure covered by Workers' Compenstation, Dr. Root has personally supervised the detoxification of over 4,000 toxic injury patients, provided expert testimony that resulted in funding a sauna detox study of veterans with Gulf War Syndrome, assisted with the Utah Meth Cops Project, consulted with Russian authorities to reduce radiation poisoning of the Children of Chernobyl (video), and facilitated the detoxification of capacitor workers exposed to PCBs in Semič, Slovenia.

From 2002 until 2007 Dr. Root, working with Dr. George Yu and the Foundation for Advancement in Science and Education (FASE) helped to establish a project in New York City that provided detoxification services to more than 1,000 men and women exposed to toxic smoke, dust and gas during the WTC rescue and recovery operations. These services have been provided on a humanitarian basis, at no cost, under the direction of local physicians:

The New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project
concluded in 2007 after treating over 1,000 heroes of 9/11

The Foundation remains engaged in this work, facilitating scientific meetings and research projects to document the reductions in symptoms and improvements in work fitness that have been accomplished in hundreds of cases.


Dr. Yu was interviewed by Dr. Mercola ( in 2014 on sauna detoxification using niacin:


Dr. Joseph Mercola describes the Hubbard sauna detox method:



In November, 2017, The George W. Yu Foundation for Nutrition and Health hosted the Tripping Over the Truth conference in Baltimore where Dr. Root presented case studies, scientific analysis and an overview of his 35 years experience with the Hubbard Method:


Our Detoxination® method is now available to the public as a non-medical wellness program and a licensing opportunity for Personal Trainers, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Naturopaths and other holistic practitioners to augment their existing services!

If you’d like to learn more about our 2-week Detoxination® program please contact us to Get Detoxinated!